The Network uses a task force structure to allow members to get involved in projects they’re passionate about without having to commit to an ongoing, multi-year commitment. Each task force has volunteer leadership, specific goals, and a timeline for completion.

Membership Task Force

Our membership task force assists with membership recruitment and retention efforts. Members of this task force perform personal outreach to new members throughout their first 90 days, work to develop various membership initiatives, such as planning new member mixers, and assists staff with presentations to local organizations and potential members.

College Student Outreach Task Force

Our student outreach task force focuses on making direct connections with college students at our local universities. This could be through a one-on-one coffee meeting, or a presentation to a class or organization. While we try to reach out to students in all industries, our main focus is on those pursuing careers in high demand fields of IT, healthcare, and manufacturing/engineering. Our hope is to show students why Springfield is such a great place for young professionals to be.

Remote Worker Outreach Task Force

Our Remote Worker Outreach task force is dedicated to enhancing the experience of remote workers living in the Springfield region. We develop initiatives to foster a sense of community and create opportunities for remote workers to connect, share insights, and build relationships inside and out of their peer group. Task force members complete intentional outreach to remote workers to provide connection points with The Network. Members will promote Network events to encourage remote workers to consider making the Springfield region their permanent home, all while contributing their experience in the area as an example of how great it is to live, play, and work in the Springfield region!