February & March Mentor Meet Up

The Network’s “Mentor Meet Up” is back! ICYMI, we re-started this video series and have released several interviews since the start of 2021.

What is Mentor Meet Up? We tout that YPs have access to key leaders in Springfield, and one of the main ways that’s displayed is through mentor relationships. The previous edition of this was between Leadership Council and Springfield Chamber of Commerce Board members. These however, feature a YP interviewing a community leader. Although they may not be official mentors and mentees, we still have much to learn from them.

Each video is around 10 minutes and is designed for you to learn lessons from leaders and a few fun facts about them.

At the end of February, we got to hear from Jessica Olson, Managing Partner with Maxon Fine Jewelry & Robin Robeson, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for Guaranty Bank.

At the beginning of March, we got to hear from Dee King, Corporate Services Development Officer with Guaranty Bank & Craig McCoy, President of Mercy Hospital!

Watch the full video interviews below. Enjoy!