March Spotlight: Drury University

Leadership is more than just a title, it’s a way of being. Drury University’s College of Graduate Studies develops responsible community leaders by fostering the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge. In short, Drury grads aren’t just big talk, they’re big action.

Through programs such as the Masters in Integrative Leadership (MIL), Masters in Public Service and Safety (PSSL) and the highly-regarded MBA Ventures (MBA-V), Drury graduates understand it’s not just about the subject matter knowledge they’ve accumulated, but rather how they use it and who they inspire.

The College of Graduate Studies offers master’s degrees in both online and seated formats to accommodate even the busiest executive. Debuting last fall, the revamped MBA-V and new MIL and PSSL degrees join the existing Master in Education, Master of Nonprofit and Civic Leadership and Master in Communication programs.

Master of Integrative Leadership
Drury’s MIL allows students to take control of their education by creating a master’s program that aligns with their unique career goals and interests. Think of it as a modular master’s degree: Students can combine any two 12-hour certificate programs to design their own educational path. Two additional connector courses challenge students to connect what they’ve learned to their professional field.

Certificates, which can also be stand-alone programs, include:

Master of Public Safety Leadership
The PSSL focuses on developing the leadership skills necessary for graduates to successfully integrate all aspects of public safety, operations, personnel management and strategic practices and policies. Drury’s goal is to enable our students to be the most effective leaders possible when their communities and teams need them most.

Program curriculum was designed by public service and safety experts and faculty were carefully selected to reflect extensive experience in diverse fields of public safety as well as having academic credentials from accredited institutions.

MBA Ventures
As the modern business environment continues to require adaptability and data-driven insights, Drury’s new approach to the MBA prepares graduates to be leaders in this ever-changing world. MBA Ventures graduates learn more than just business skills. They will be equipped to ask the right questions that will allow them to lead effectively in any venture.

In the first year of the program, students will focus on establishing business leadership skills and move on to practical application of those skills during the second year. Taken with a cohort of fellow MBA-V students, individuals will practice these skills in real time, including how to gather resources and generate team buy-in. With an MBA-V, leaders will venture further.

Why Drury?
No matter what program you choose, all Drury course instruction is driven by creating a personalized experience for students from instructors committed to student learning and success. Beyond the classroom, every student has access to one-on-one advising. That’s the Drury difference.

Founded in 1873, today’s Drury is a blend of academic and pragmatic studies taught within a collaborative and personalized setting, giving you broader perspectives when considering matters of career, life, community, self and service.

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