April Spotlight: Penmac Staffing Services, Inc.

In its simplest terms, staffing is a way to connect job seekers with employers, but at Penmac Staffing
it’s about more than that—it’s about people. Employment plays such a vital role in both personal and
professional lives—Penmac staffing specialists work to get to know each job seeker, HR manager,
and business owner to understand their unique goals and challenges.

For Job Seekers
Penmac hopes to provide job seekers with work that meets their basic immediate needs and career
goals, while making them feel appreciated and valued. Let’s face it—it can be a hassle filling out
multiple job applications, knowing where to look for jobs, and waiting for businesses respond. Often,
when candidates need a job, they need it quickly. Penmac can step in and eliminate the stress of the
employment process by matching the right people to the right jobs, at no cost to applicants!
Employees receive weekly pay, affordable health care options from day one, and retirement benefits
after a year.
Whether candidates are entering the workforce for the first time, or have been working for years and
were recently laid off or simply looking for a change, Penmac can help. With the flexibility of short
term, long term, and even permanent assignments, Penmac has work options in a variety of
industries to meet the needs of the workforce.

For Businesses
When Penmac associates are assigned to the best job for them, our business clients benefit from a
motivated, skilled workforce. A leading provider of human resource services, Penmac has the staffing
industry expertise, but more than that, Penmac places people first. Having the right people on staff at
the right time is vital to operations. Penmac partners with businesses to help them increase
productivity and reduce costs by taking care of the time-consuming and challenging recruitment and
hiring process.
Penmac’s services help businesses recruit, train, and manage employees. A recruiter will work daily
to attract talented candidates. Applicants then complete thorough screenings—including interviews,
skill assessments, background checks, and drug screens. Once hired, staffing professionals train
associates according to the needs of your business. Penmac also handles all employee payroll and
benefits administration, unemployment insurance, and workman’s compensation claims. This frees
up resources, allowing companies to focus on what’s important—their business.

Penmac is the nation’s largest employee-owned company in the nation, giving our team not just the
flexibility to tailor staffing solutions, but ensuring employee owners are committed to both job seeker
and employer satisfaction and success as an investment in their own futures. Penmac was founded in
Springfield, MO in 1988, and even as the team celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, the Ozarks’
values of hard work, quality character, and strong relationships are in the company’s roots. Today,
Penmac operates more than thirty offices in eight states, and carries those values across the nation.
For more information on how you can find the job that’s right for you, or get help with your business’s
HR challenges, visit www.penmac.com or call 417-831-9100.