CEO Series: Jessica Shorney

Earlier this month, members of The Network had the opportunity to meet Jessica Shorney, President and CEO of TelComm Credit Union. As the last edition for The Network’s 2021 CEO Series, members were able to ask Shorney questions about her personal experiences, professional journey, and best practices as a leader for her organization.

At the beginning of every decision or conversation, Jessica Shorney brings a foundation of gratitude. She described how her leadership style has always been family-first and focused on getting the right people into the right positions. To run a successful business, Shorney expressed the importance of team building and remembering “the difference between being nice and being kind.”

When asked about the lessons learned in her role as CEO, Shorney encouraged our young professionals to do something that they know they will not be good at. She attributed much of her personal and professional growth in the CEO role to times in which she put herself into a situation where she may have been uncomfortable but knew it would make her better.