September Spotlight: Air Services Heating and Cooling & All Service Plumbing

“First, foremost, and fanatically…Serve the client”; at Air Services these words are written on our walls, preached by our General Manager, and lived out by our employees on a daily basis.  Outstanding customer service is our top priority, and we strive to exceed expectations by stacking our team with highly trained, certified, and motivated technicians and staff, offering true 24hr emergency service, and giving back to our community.

We believe that great service starts with great employees, and we know our employees are the heart of our company. Just like a healthy body, we need a strong and healthy heart to grow and build our business; therefore, we make sure that all of our employees have the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. Not only do we have weekly inhouse training sessions, but we have also teamed up with the Missouri Department of Labor to offer an apprenticeship program for our technicians. This program provides “on the job” training and allows the technician to receive the hours needed to become a certified journeyman. As for our office, we provide a thoughtful, in-depth customer service training course to ensure they are fully equipped to serve our clients over the phone and at our shop. With the right training, tools, and motivated employees, we know that we will be able to achieve our purpose with each encounter.

Furthermore, to enhance customer experience, we offer a true 24hr emergency service. This allows our clients to call and speak with one of our on-call CSR’s after regular business hours and have one of on-call technicians dispatched and ready to take care of our clients’ emergency in a moments notice.  We are equipped for this type of service by utilizing a “4 on 4 off” schedule for our employees, with an after-hours on-call rotation. This schedule allows our clients to receive the same service and professionalism they would receive during regular business hours in the instance they need it most.

Additionally, Air Services strives to enhance and support our community through volunteering, donations, and sponsorships. We understand that we have positioned our self to set an example for other local organizations, so we choose to lead by example. Through servant leadership, we have proudly raised over $20,000 for Toys for Tots and been able to sponsor several local organizations and drives such as: our Veterans Breakfast, Make a Wish Foundation, Community Partnerships of the Ozarks and so much more. We see the need for active participation in our community, and we accept the responsibility to make a difference when we can.

At Air Services our purpose is to “First, foremost, and fanatically…Serve”.

Written By Victoria Gillham & Amanda Brakemeyer