January Spotlight: Talent Wellness

We are a local consulting service for individuals and companies to maximize professional performance by focusing on holistic lifestyle solutions.

You’re busy. You don’t have time. Talent | Wellness gets it. Health is a priority but it’s also not, because of so many other demands.

Talent | Wellness will work with you to find the easiest and quickest ways to make small changes in your life for high impact results, personally and professionally.

A few small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in how you and your family feel. When you feel better, you perform better and achieve higher. Period.

  • Stressed about work or suffering from anxiety?
  • Always feeling tired and living on coffee?
  • Annoyed at how ‘sniffly and sneezy you’ come off in meetings?
  • Weight up because happy hours and conference food makes a diet impossible?
  • Sick kiddos keeping you out of work more than you’d like?

In January, Network members can complete the Talent | Wellness quick stress and lifestyle assessment and get a free 15-minute wellness consultation personalized to you. We’ll also include a wellness package by mail to help you get started feeling your best. We will offer you practical solutions, outstanding product recommendations, and a network of referral partners to get you feeling and performing at your best!

Talent | Wellness is owned by Lindsay Haymes Seifried and Lindsay uses her background in workforce development and her research, experience and certifications in the natural wellness space to help you reduce stress and anxiety, avoid getting sick and implement easy and practical techniques to help you feel better overall.

Learn more and complete your health assessment on the Talent | Wellness webpage HERE! We look forward to hearing from you.