Supporting the Arts

The Network held its final Living in SGF event for 2020 and the topic was all about how we can support the arts right now and in the future. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone, and one industry that has maybe seen some of the strongest impacts is the arts. We have many arts organizations in our community that we are grateful for, and for this event we had the opportunity to hear from three of them: Springfield Regional Arts Council, Springfield Symphony and Springfield Art Museum.

Here were some of the top takeaways:

  • Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an “arts person”, everyone benefits from a strong arts presence in the community.
  • There were many lessons our speakers have learned since the pandemic hit:
    • Community is critical.
    • They have to learn how to increase in efficiency.
    • Being open to change is absolutely necessary to get by.
    • Social media has always been important, but especially now with fewer in-person events.
    • This has been a unique time to analyze what they as organizations should continue doing and what they need to consider stopping.
  • When it comes to collaboration, the arts community loves to work together:
    • Evidence of that has been since in a new initiative called the Ozarks Performing Arts League (OPAL), which was created by several arts organizations to help make up for the losses the arts have experienced.
    • Pre-pandemic, they loved hosting events at each other’s venues to gain additional exposure.
  • When we asked how YPs can best support the arts right now and moving forward, our speakers had several things to share:
    • Financial contributions and donations will always be helpful! In normal circumstances the arts need assistance, so especially now.
    • Thank our state legislators for directing funds to the arts! (they typically only hear from us when things aren’t going well!)
    • Join the Springfield Regional Arts Council and help advocate for the arts. Or if you don’t want to be the one advocating, become a member and allow others to speak for you.
    • Talk about your love for the arts with your circles of influence and share when you have a great experience in the arts in our community!
    • Volunteer! Each organization has a wide variety of opportunities to volunteer, so find one and dive in!

Watch the full recording of the event below: