Dreaming Big for the Sake of SGF

As 2020 is quickly coming to a close, The Network has continued to hit the ground running in providing quality programming.

In the month of October, we’ve had the opportunity to provide an event each week, and this week we had the chance to hear from owner and founder of Hotel Vandivort, John McQueary, for our final CEO Series of 2020.

We have been able to interview many CEO Series in the 13 years The Network has been established, and the unique thing about this series is that we get to hear from a wide variety of executives. While John didn’t necessarily consider himself a “typical CEO”, he was able to share many insights, stories and lessons he has learned since taking the leap of faith to open a boutique hotel in downtown Springfield.

Here were a few of the top takeaways:

  • John did not intend to open a boutique hotel in downtown SGF. He was more an IT person and worked in his family business for many years before opening Hotel V. He loves Springfield though and knew we needed a destination like Hotel V in our downtown.
  • Obviously people don’t do these things if they don’t love the community they are in, so John shared that he loves our community because of the opportunity we have to shape its identity.
  • His advice for a YP? You have to be fueled by what your passionate about. “That’s what helps you get through the hard days.”
  • As John looks to the future, especially through the lens of Forward SGF, the City’s comprehensive plan, he hopes we continue to chase big dreams and look to the future of Springfield, and not get weighed down by what’s going on right now.
  • What excites him about the future of Hotel V? Although they do not intend to expand, they are excited to see downtown continue to grow, and more big ideas to come out of Forward SGF.

In closing, John encouraged attendees to encourage each other and support each other’s ideas and dreams. We are the young and bright minds that have the opportunity to continue making SGF a wonderful place to live. When it comes to what we can do right now, John shared, “We can’t stop chasing big ideas just because the world is shut down.” So let’s get out together and make a better SGF!

View the full recording of the event below: